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This Thermal Keratin-rich cream permanently straightens hair while giving your hair an amazing gloss and shine. This cream eliminates frizz, revitalizes and restructures hair by infusing Hydrolyzed Keratin deep into the hair's cuticle. With the aid of heat, the Keratin proteins bind tightly to the hair's Keratin's chains, helping their reconstruction. Ideal for all hair types. 


  • Innovative & exclusive formula
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Formaldehyde Free
  • 100ml tube ideal to cover medium length hair
  • Wild cherry fragrance
  • Must be used together with K.Liss Neutralizer, K.Liss Shampoo, K.Liss Conditioner, and K.Liss Restructuring Protective Kerain Spray


What is Keratin?


Keratin is a high molecular weight soluble protein with unique properties (antistatic, film-forming, conditioning). It act effectively restructuring damaged, dry, thinning hair and helps to protect hair exposed to chemical-environmental hazards (smog, UV rays, etc.) The use of Keratin is also critical for optimal performance, as t provides functional benefits to the straightened hair in terms of protection, restructuring, strengthening and moisturization. The Keratin proteins work well in combination with the heat, as this treatment can facilitate bonding of the Keratin proteins to hair's Keratin chains.



  • Produces, upon application, a continuous film on hair
  • Reduces static electricity by neutralising electrical charge, wiht anti-frizz, anti-humidity effect
  • Holds and retains moisture
  • Leaves the hair easy to comb, supple, soft and shiny
  • Prevents heat damage to hair fibres when blow drying

K.Liss Keratin Straightening Cream, 100ml

SKU: HCZ000287
27,60 €Price
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