Anti-Allergy Spray - SHOUNAM 50ml

Anti-Allergy Spray


Description: An oral spray, based on herbal extracts and essential oils. Recommended for treating cough, and initial stages of inflammation in the respiratory tracts. Can be used as a prophylactic treatment for asthma. Useful for quitting smoking; helps to deal with mucous congestions. Helps to relieve vocal chord sensitivities and sore throat. Properties: Moderately anti-bacterial. Relieves muscles which regulate the respiratory tracts. Mucolytic (breaks-up mucous congestions). Suggested ingredients: Origanum dayi, mint, eucalyptus, corn hair, clove bud, Fumaria officinalis, savory, wild pansy and Micromeria fruticosa, al and carrot seeds.


Usage instructions: For coughing, vocal chords: Spray 2-3 times in mouth (up to 6 times a day). For preventing asthma; after quitting smoking: Spray 2-5 times a day for 3 weeks; resume after 2 weeks of recess.


Limitations: Do not use for children aged below 3. Comments: When treating asthma, in the first time use a small quantity to assure absence of allergy to the product.

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