FUENTE «RHASSOUL». Volume oil 100ml

FUENTE «RHASSOUL». Volume oil 100ml

Healing serum that restores hair, giving it shine and volume.


•    The serum is specially formulated for fine and damaged hair.
•    Contains Rhassoul clay and oils that regenerate and protect hair.
•    Closes split ends of hair and gives them optimal shine.
•    Provides long lasting color retention.
•    It has an antistatic effect.
•    Ideal when using a hot styler. Protects against moisture loss when exposed to high temperatures up to 250 ° C.


pH level: 6.0


Ingredients: Clay from Moroccan volcanic lava, argan oil, sea buckthorn oil.


  • Moroccan clay - Prevents hair breakage and gives volume
  • Argan oil - Restorative and rejuvenating effect
  • Hippophae rhamnoides oil - Prevents cell aging
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