Nourishing & Regenerating Facial Serum - MESHI 15ml

Nourishing & Regenerating Facial Serum


General Description: A mixture of oil extracts of various plants, along with essential oils, for nourishment, treatment and protection of dry to normal facial skin. It replaces various creams available from the cosmetics industry which contain preservatives, inhibiting proper functioning of the skin, skin regeneration and the regulation of secretions through the skin.



  • Enhances skin-cells regeneration
  • Antioxidant, slows down wrinkling
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Rich in vitamins A and E
  • Light radiation absorber
  • Calming.


Usage: May be applied regularly on the face. Recommended to apply at least once a day, in the evening. Useful also to prevent stretch marks on the belly. Useful for seborrhea prone skin.

Comments: For scarred, reddish or Couperose-prone skin, it is recommended to combine with the use (once a week) with the Tissue Regenerating Oil. To further enhance facial skin regeneration, it is recommended to apply gentle peeling every three weeks (but not for reddening – prone skin). The absorption of the Facial Serum is further enhanced by cleansing the skin with the Boker Morning Facial Rinse Solution prior to applying it.


Suggested Active Ingredients: Olive oil (as an extracting medium), Jojoba oil, Wheat germ oil, Geranium, Myrtle, Sesame oil, Wormwood, Dunalliela algae (or Red Palm Kernel Oil), Ylang ylang oil, Etrog peels extract, Everlasting extract, Lavender extract, Fennel oil, Cypress extract, Lemongrass oil, Calendula extract.

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